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AmCham Business Luncheon

Healthcare – Our Huge Business Opportunity

When: Friday 1 July
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: InterContinental Adelaide


Chris McGowan Tim Kelsey Cam Ziebell

Chris McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Silver Chain Group
Tim Kelsey, Strategy & Commercial Director, Telstra Health
Cameron Ziebell, National Head of Healthcare CommBank Health, Commonwealth Bank

Australia’s population is growing, ageing and becoming more affluent – as is Asia and the rest of the world, creating a sweet spot for Australian business to sell IP, training technology and an endless array of products and services in to Asia and the rest of the world.

Telstra Health is in the process of creating a billion dollar business around health.
Commonwealth Bank has recognised the growth opportunities and employed specialist leaders to advise the industry.

Silver Chain is one of Australia’s largest providers of healthcare and owns and operates RNDS in South Australia (amongst other providers). Silver Chain is developing world class software and operating systems and exporting their knowledge throughout Asia.

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AmCham's Annual "4th July Party"
Celebrate America's favourite Holiday

When: Friday 1 July
Time: 2.15 - 4pm
Where: Waves, Disco, InterContinental Adelaide


4th July Party Join AmCham to celebrate America's favourite
holiday with drinks & networking.


AmCham Adelaide Business School Luncheon

Artifical Intelligence Will Make Business Better 

When: Thursday 7 July
Time: 11.45 - 2pm 
Where: InterContinental Adelaide


 Tiziana BiancoFiona KerrEva Balan-VnukMichael Liebelt

Tiziana Bianco, Head of Innovation Lab for Commonwealth Bank
Dr Fiona Kerr, Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist, The University of Adelaide
Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, State Director, Microsoft                                                                                               Professor Michael Liebelt, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Adelaide

Once limited to the realms of science fiction, artificial intelligence has transcended the boundaries of academic curiosity and Hollywood’s imagination into something with measurable influence on our daily lives.

AI technologies have been developed and commoditised for the average consumer (think Siri) and business. Cognitive systems are transforming the way companies engage with customers.

The next frontier is the automation and transformation of professional roles in the workforce, and we frequently hear in the media that the biggest concern of younger generations is “will AI take away my job?”. But while AI will definitely change the workplace and the way we do business, it also provides enormous opportunities – provided that the correct balances are struck, particularly between ‘automation’ and human interaction, informed by the latest findings from neuroscience.

Past Events


AmCham Business Luncheon

Trade and Exports- How is SA Faring?

The current surge in free trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea and the Trans Pacific Partnership countries is delivering unprecedented opportunities for Australian business, but not everyone agrees. Two practitioners and one politician might just have differing views on FTAs. Find out for yourself the potential and possible pitfalls.

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AmCham University of Adelaide Business Luncheon

"Disruptive Innovation - 3D Printing"

“Disruptive Innovation” has become a catchphrase – what does it really mean? What does it mean for business? We take for granted the technology advancements that are driving innovation in a wide-range of industries. But how do we find out what’s coming?

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AmCham Business Luncheon

"Innovation Driving Prosperity"

Our government is promoting it. We have a new Minister for Innovation. What does this mean in practical terms? All businesses try to innovate - but we are not talking about incremental change but breakthrough change, innovation by design, innovation with a global customer base in mind. 

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