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AmCham University of Adelaide Business School Luncheon
"Disruptive Innovation - Including a Focus on 3D Printing"

When: Thursday 12 May    
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: InterContinental


Chris Henry

“Disruptive Innovation”
has become a catchphrase – what does it really mean? What does it mean for business? We take for granted the technology advancements that are driving innovation in a wide-range of industries. But how do we find out what’s coming?

AmCham in association with The University of Adelaide Business School is excited to bring you the earth changing series of ‘Big Ideas’ that are going to change the way we do business forever.

3D Printing, Nano Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Drugs, The Internet of Things. Not Science Fiction but Science Fact. All real, all starting to make an impact on life and business. If you are not planning how to incorporate and leverage this new round of technological innovation into your business, you are planning to fail.

The first in the Series of 4 Topics is on Thursday 12 May on 3D Printing. This is not for ‘nerds’, it is very business focused and possibly very very scary for your business future. No business person can afford to miss this.

3D printing is already changing the world - and it has only just begun. It is expected to have a bigger impact than the internet, mobile phones, electricity and the steam engine combined. This technology will literally change lives, the way we do business, how we live.  It will provide the biggest change in how we think about products we use, how we go to war, even re-imagining the human body.

Our panelists include:
Professor Noel Lindsay, Director of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), The University of Adelaide
Andy Keough CSC, Chief Executive Officer, Defence SA
Piers Lincoln, Manager, Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS), The University of Adelaide
Chris Henry, General Manager, Austofix (surgical devices)


AmCham Business Luncheon
Trade and Exports - How is SA Faring?

When: Friday 20 May
Time: 11.45 - 2pm
Where: InterContinental Adelaide


Nick Xenophon Chris Schacht Warren Randall

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia
The Hon. Chris Schacht, Chairman, Australia China Development Company (ACDC)
Warren Randall, Proprietor, Seppeltsfield Wines

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for SA:  Some of the Senator’s thoughts on FTAs - “Unbalanced, raw deal, dud”.

Warren Randall of Seppeltsfield Wines exports over 2 million bottles of wine to China each year on the back of FTAs.

Hon Chris Schacht of the Australia China Development Company provides project management, business intelligence and strategic marketing advice to businesses entering the Chinese market.

The current surge in free trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea and the Trans Pacific Partnership countries is delivering unprecedented opportunities for Australian business, but not everyone agrees. Two practitioners and one politician might just have differing views on FTAs. Find out for yourself the potential and possible pitfalls.

Past Events


AmCham Business Luncheon

"Innovation Driving Prosperity"

Our government is promoting it. We have a new Minister for Innovation. What does this mean in practical terms? All businesses try to innovate - but we are not talking about incremental change but breakthrough change, innovation by design, innovation with a global customer base in mind. 

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AmCham Business Luncheon 
"BHP Billiton: Olympic Dam Update"

Jacqui McGill reflected on the past year for Olympic Dam, noting the raft of challenges the Asset faced just twelve months ago from both a safety and operational perspective.  She explained how these were addressed by making changes to organisational design and operational improvements

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AmCham iiNet Business Luncheon 
"Premier Jay Weatherill"

Premier Jay Weatherill gave an overview of the local economy and how he will address the challenges that lie ahead, plus he proposed a national tax plan that he will take to COAG in December. 

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